Operations Manager – Lakes


Operations Manager


Full Time – Salary


Lakes District Maintenance Inc.


Burns Lake, British Columbia


Service Area 24


Regional Operations Manager

Is this a Safety Sensitive position?


Lakes District Maintenance Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest level of quality services in the areas of: construction, project management, highway maintenance, civil works and bridge construction, maintenance and rehabilitation expertise, and asphalt/aggregate plants and pits.

In anticipation of our client’s needs, we strive to build and maintain long term relationships based on safety, quality, value, trust, and timely service. In addition to upholding professionalism, integrity, honesty, and fairness in our relationships with our clients, professional associates, subcontractors, and suppliers we ensure the longevity of the Company while sustaining growth and profitability.     

Holding a moral obligation to a safe, environmentally responsible work environment we model safety excellence as our way of life – where individual professional growth is the foundation for company growth. Our culture of building and maintaining successful partnerships instills confidence in achieving both employee and client goals.  


Position Rationale

The current Operations Manager is transitioning into semi-retirement and we are looking to hire a suitable replacement who can be mentored by him and transition into the full-time role this spring.

This position will be open until the right candidate is selected.

Reporting to the Regional Operations Manager of LDM Inc., the Operations Manager is responsible for the operational leadership of the Area Managers within Service Area #24 by planning, organizing, directing and optimizing the deliverables of our service area contract.  Further, by aligning the organization’s priorities with employee values, with the moral obligation to provide a safe and environmentally responsible workplace, the Operations Manager will contribute to the sustainability and growth of the overall company.

The Operations Manager will provide strong leadership, management & representation to Lakes District Maintenance Inc.  in all aspects of service area responsibilities, ministry relations and public contact.


Position Accountabilities




  • Oversee daily operational functions, work requirements and Area Managers.
  • Design and implementation of operational plans to meet operational budgets.
  • Must be able to do difficult to complex job costing and estimating.
  • Planning and coordination of equipment assignments, work schedules and budgetary controls.
  • Ensure operations adhere to all aspects of Lakes District Maintenance Inc.’s ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.
  • Work closely with Planning and Quality Assurance Manager forming part of a management team for formulating administrative and operational policies and procedures; inspecting operating functions to evaluate efficiency methods; compile required and special reports, prepare recommendations on findings for management evaluations; and authorize requisition of equipment and supplies.
  • Supervise and coordinate activities of the Area Managers; initiate personnel actions such as promotions, transfers, discipline, and discharge; determines work procedures, prepare work schedules, and expedite workflow.
  • Ensure that all operations are in compliance with Lakes District Maintenance Inc. Production Standards and Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure specifications.
  • With the support of Human Resources, interpret, implement, and enforce compliance with policies, procedures, and safety regulations; conduct crew meetings to discuss operational problems or explain procedural changes; investigate, analyze, and resolve personnel and operational problems or complaints; may confer with workers’ representative to help resolve grievances. Reports to the Regional Operations Manager in regard to operating budgets.
  • Collaborate with clients representing the best interests of the Company in a broad range of subjects. Must be able to meet Stakeholders or Public Officials, discuss and resolve problems of a mutual nature, be willing to travel when the Company requires




  • Has a general understanding of situations that may require permits.
  • Knows who to contact to arrange for permits, certificates and licenses.
  • Ensures safe transportation of hazardous materials applicable to their job

People Management & Training:



  • Maintain a positive culture focused on safety, customer satisfaction, quality and operational excellence, that maximizes employee engagement.
  • Identifies staff to be trained as well as the training required

Customer Service:



  • Project a professional image in dealing with the public, internal and external clients, suppliers, and subcontractors.
  • Demonstrate a “can do”, “problem solving” approach to all inquiries and concerns.
  • Knowledge of when to escalate an issue for immediate response.




  • Actively engage in Lakes District Maintenance’s safety culture.
  • Engage senior management on an ongoing basis regarding safety activities and successes.
  • Remain visibly committed to the safety excellence way of life by:
    • Participating in all relevant safety training.
    • Displaying behaviours that support a culture of Safety Excellence
    • Support for a Respectful Workplace environment 
    • Ensuring Safety Meetings are held, reviewing Safety minutes and concerns, and ensuring concerns are actioned and corrected in a timely manner.

Safety Processes:

    • Ensures all work operations are conducted in a safe and responsible manner and that duties are carried out as per British Columbia OH&S Regulations and the Safety Management Guide.
    • Initiates corrective action when safe work procedures are not followed.
    • Ensures all required safety training is up to date.

Personal Protective Equipment Standards:

    • Observes all safety policies.


Position Requirements

Qualifications & Experience:



  • Any combination of education and experience providing the required skill and knowledge for successful performance of all duties required.
  • A working knowledge of ISO 9001:2015 or training and experience in any of the ISO Quality Management Systems.

Required Knowledge:



  • Principles and techniques of organizational planning, administration, budgeting, supervision, training and performance evaluation.
  • Effective and efficient methods and procedures for scheduling and assigning workflow for greatest efficiency.
  • Excellent knowledge of Highway Maintenance Operations, including general specifications for Highway Construction and Maintenance.
  • Good knowledge of computer systems and office productivity software, with a strong skillset in Microsoft Excel.

Required Skills and Abilities:



  • Demonstrated ability to plan, schedule, and assign work of subordinates.
  • Able to prepare reports and maintaining records in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.
  • Proven ability to communicate clearly and concisely, orally and in writing.
  • Able to work long and irregular hours under pressure conditions.
  • Demonstrated ability to delegate responsibility and achieve results through subordinates.
  • Proven ability to maintain order in an environment of changing priorities.
  • Must possess a valid BC motor vehicle operator’s license.