Regional Safety Manager


Regional Safety Manageer


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Lakes District Maintenance Inc.


Burns Lake, British Columbia


Regional Operational & Corporate Safety


General Manager

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Volker Stevin Canada and its subsidiaries across Western Canada are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality services in the areas of construction, project management, highway maintenance, civil works and bridge construction, maintenance and rehabilitation expertise, and asphalt/aggregate plants and pits.

In anticipation of our client’s needs, we strive to build and maintain long term relationships based on safety, quality, value, trust, and timely service. Through upholding professionalism, integrity, honesty, and fairness in our relationships with our clients, professional associates, subcontractors, and suppliers we ensure the longevity of the Company while sustaining growth and profitability.     

Holding a moral obligation to a safe, environmentally responsible work environment we model safety excellence as our way of life – where individual professional growth is the foundation for company growth. Our culture of building and maintaining successful partnerships instills confidence in achieving both employee and client goals.  




Position Rationale


Under the leadership of the General Manager, and working in coordination with the Corporate Safety Manager, the Regional Safety Manager will lead a culture of safety by acting as a resource to all levels within the assigned business by assisting, assessing, auditing, and analyzing safety initiatives and compliance to policies, procedures, industry standards, acts, and laws. 


Position Accountabilities


Operational Safety Program Management:

    • Lead an innovative culture of safety, consistent with company values, within Lakes District Maintenance.
    • Influence the application of safety policy and the participation of the Operations team.
    • Inspect, analyze, and audit on-site safety practices. Offer recommendations and/or take immediate corrective actions.
    • Provide a visible field presence support to project and field employees by performing site visits.
    • Assess risk and enforce worksite stoppage procedures when necessary.
    • Review client safety obligations and ensure effective communication about, and compliance with, terms of the agreement and applicable standards.
    • Develop safety communications regarding company rules, regulations, and procedures.
    • Support Safety committees by routinely participating in meetings and reviewing meeting documents for compliance and effectiveness.
    • Monitor compliance with the National Safety Code (NSC) and take corrective actions where necessary.
    • Conduct yearly audits for Certificate of Recognition (COR).
    • Engage the Corporate Safety and Risk Departments in the response to any compliance orders and communicate outcomes to senior management.
    • Assist in completing safety pre-qualifications for work sites.
    • Assist the General Manager in setting safety goals and objectives that are consistent with the business and corporate priorities.
    • Apply methods to measure and recognize company, divisional, and departmental progress in safety stewardship and regulatory compliance.
    • Demonstrate a solution driven, and educational and developmental approach, to tasks and challenges while ensuring sound safety practices are communicated, understood, and adopted.
    • Communicate, coach, and assist field staff to ensure all safety expectations are understood and met.
    • Monitor and be involved in procurement of the accepted type/style/quality of Personal Protective Equipment to be deployed to employees as prescribed by legislation and company policy.

Incident Investigation, Resolution & Reduction:



  • Under the direction of the General Manager and following Corporate Safety/Risk guidelines, conduct incident investigations by attending incident scenes, escalating to the Corporate Risk Department as applicable, and coordinate the reporting and gathering of information.
  • Under the direction of the General Manager and following Corporate Safety/Risk guidelines, assist the Injury Management Specialist in placing employees in modified duties stemming from a work-related injury; ensure compliance to restrictions.
  • With oversight provided by the Corporate Risk Department, conduct investigations pertaining to 3rd party liability and insurance claims and coordinate the gathering the information.
  • Proactively approach problem solving with a general understanding of incident investigation techniques.




  • Oversee and direct all safety training for LDM employees and contractors regarding all internal and compliance related processes including, but not limited to, safety meetings, Field Level Hazard Assessments, and job site inspections.
  • With the support of Human Resources, develop and implement health and safety plans and programs that are compatible with Company goals and contingency plans.

Technical Safety Expertise:



  • Be a credible source of advice and knowledge for employees and management in safe work processes.
  • Maintain a high degree of knowledge regarding leading edge safety monitoring, preventative and remedial technologies, and their application to the Company’s core businesses.
  • Have strong comprehension of safety/environmental laws and regulations and of compliance strategies.
  • Maintain a good working knowledge of OH&S legislation in all operational jurisdictions by regularly reviewing applicable legislation and applicable standards.

Team Contributions:



  • Demonstrate a high level of reliability by understanding and meeting expectations of this position and accurately completing tasks and projects on time.
  • Coordinate and assist with cyclical events, such as annual hearing tests and pre-winter awareness/ training etc.
  • Represent the business unit on required regional and local safety committees.
  • Maintain communication with Corporate Safety and Risk and all operational teams in the field.
  • Practice discretion and the utmost confidentiality on all internal operations and communications.
  • Collaborate with operations team to promote efficient transfer of information, task execution, and overall results.

Corporate Safety Participation and Support:



  • Actively participate and contribute towards a standardized, streamlined, and efficient approach in helping develop company safety strategies and applicable policies and procedures.
  • Assist in the development and sharing of tools, resources, and processes with the objective of minimizing variances between business units and adopting a common approach wherever possible.
  • Identify/recommend/initiate changes in processes as they relate to the results of the Corporate Services responsibilities. Similarly, examine processes involving new or cyclical projects and follow through for acceptance, implementation, and reporting of benefits achieved.
  • Support various business operations as required (e.g. Environment, HR, Risk). Actively communicate and share best practices within the safety team.
  • Bring forward specific business needs and concerns with the objective of improving the alignment of Corporate Safety with overall company needs.
  • As directed, promote safety culture by supporting and being actively involved in various internal safety committees, including, but not limited to, the Safety Steering Team and Continuous Improvement Team(s).
  • Maintain, demonstrate, and share a vision for safety across all committees to allow vision to penetrate organizationally.

Customer Service:



  • Have strong understanding of internal and external customer groups.
  • Represent the company in a professional, helpful, and confidential demeanor.
  • Demonstrate a “can do”, problem-solving approach to all inquiries and concerns.
  • Be aware of when to escalate an issue for immediate response.
  • Develop and maintain strong working relationships internally, with clients, regulators, and stakeholders.
  • Present a professional image and demeanor with internal and external customers via phone, electronic communication, and in person.
  • Maintain excellent interpersonal relationship and communication skills within all levels of the organization.




  • Remain visibly committed to the safety excellence way of life by:
    • Participating in all relevant safety training.
    • Following environmental and safety policies and procedures.
    • Attending at least one safety meeting per month.
    • Including subject of safety meetings in regular conversation.
    • Attending at least one Field Level Hazard Assessment per month.
    • Engaging front line staff with questions regarding the Hazard Assessments.
    • Attend at least one worksite inspection per month.
    • Provide positive feedback and recognition regarding Worksite Inspection Process and outcomes.
    • Visibly demonstrate personal adherence to safety at all times.

Position Requirements:

Qualifications & Experience



  • 5-10 years of experience in a Safety position.
  • Related post-secondary education and/or Safety and Health qualifications (NCSO, CSRP and more)
  • Experience in heavy construction and highway maintenance would be an asset.
  • Experience and training in responding to serious incidents and the investigation of those incidents.
  • Experience with Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, Learning Management Systems and/or Incident Tracking Systems, is an asset.
  • Experience in development and facilitation of safety training programs would be a strong asset.

If you are interested or know of a qualified candidate, please submit a cover letter and resume directly to at your earliest convenience.

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